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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook And President Obama’s Shared Legacy

According to President Obama, Friday – the day that twenty first graders were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School – was the toughest day of his presidency. Usually, that’s a sign that a defining moment has arrived.

Our Presidents’ legacies are shaped by how they deal with these defining moments.

For George W. Bush, it was 9/11 – a defining moment he used to encourage Americans to go shopping while their government constructed a massive surveillance state and launched an unwinnable “War on Terrorism” that’s killed hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people around the world and bankrupted our nation at home.

For FDR, it was the Great Depression – a defining moment he used to pass the New Deal. It redefined capitalism and constructed a “We Society” that cares for the old, the sick, and the impoverished and balanced economic power for workers through federal protection of labor unions.

Today, Bush’s legacy is tarnished and FDR’s legacy is celebrated – all because of how each used their respective defining moments.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how Obama can stand up and lie to the American people when his arrogant leadership and his socialist agenda has lead gun purchases to record numbers.

Anonymous said...

Ah - the blame Bush mentality is still there. It's been 4 years and they never give up. Forget that BHO has added more debt to the national debt than the other 43 Presidents combined. Forget that this President has a spending problem and just wants to spend, spend, spend without any consequences. And oh, yes, the taxes. Lets just take take take from all the rich people because why? It's just not fair. Not that it makes any economic sense,it doesn't, but because it's not fair. wow-that's solid economic thinking. Forget that this President is making you, forcing you, coercing you (you'll be fined) for purchasing a product you don't want or need if supplied elsewhere. Forget that FDR transformed this nations pysche from a "take care of yourself" mentality, to a "give me, give me" mentality. Forget that socialism and big gov't and national health care has failed (See England and the waiting lists they have just to see a doctor) in every other developed country in the world. Forget that, somehow, we're supposed to think that we'll be able to do it better.
Ah yes, when all else fails. Blame Bush. You pathetic bunch of losers. Our country was savagely and ruthlessly attacked on 9/11 and we actually had a President who had the guts, and the courage to take on a bunch of scumbag, American haters. Now we have a President who travels the world, apologizing for America and bowing to foreign leaders. But yes, when all else fails-lets blame Bush.

Anonymous said...

Well said 1253PM. You hit the nail on the head and you are absolutely correct. The liberals will ALWAYS blame somebody else for their failures. I lived with one for a short time and that was too long.

Anonymous said...

It was much harder than hiding his college transcripts and birth certificate...

Anonymous said...

obama's legacy? psh