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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MD Police Meet to Discuss Identity Theft

Devices that police call 'electronic pick pockets' are getting smaller and smaller and law enforcement gathered Monday to learn the latest from experts in the field of identity theft.

"They're so small you wouldn't detect them, especially if you don't know what you're looking for," said LifeLock identity theft and prevention expert Paige Hanson.

One skimmer can hold up to 1,000 numbers.

A skimmer is designed to steal credit card numbers and can be connected to an ATM machine. Experts said they can even be used by restaurant workers and one 'swipe' of the credit card can steal the numbers. 

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Anonymous said...

First off, these credit cards and debit cards are a BIG issue. Most of these stores do not ask to see identification. Second, Bank of America has the option for their client to have a picture of the person for FREE. Every banking center and credit card companies need to do this. M&T bank has that option but they charge $7.00, said it was a feature, not a security feature. Another way to snag more money from you.