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Friday, November 23, 2012

Study: Pregnant Teens Need Better School Support

When 15-year-old Kali Gonzalez became pregnant, the honors student considered transferring to an alternative school. She worried teachers would harass her for missing class because of doctor's appointments and morning sickness.

A guidance counselor urged Gonzalez not to, saying that could lower her standards.

Instead, her counselor set up a meeting with teachers at her St. Augustine high school to confirm she could make up missed assignments, eat in class and use the restroom whenever she needed. Gonzalez, who is now 18, kept an A-average while pregnant. She capitalized on an online school program for parenting students so she could stay home and take care of her baby during her junior year. She returned to school her senior year and graduated with honors in May.



lmclain said...

An "A" average, but STILL dumb as a rock. Getting pregnant at 15 (!!) USED to be something to be ashamed of, something the community severely frowned upon (for several very good reasons). NOW, there are TV shows about it, glorifying it, and telling 10-15 year old girls that its okay, the rest of us will give you money, effort, time, even a place to live. And pat you on the back for your heroic efforts as a pregnant teenager with no ability to support yourself OR a baby. Brilliant! Two more people on food stamps, public housing, and the dole. Double brilliant!

TS said...

Pregnant teens need more school support?

The whole idea supposes that schools are a place to fix people's problems. She got pregnant. Everything that comes with it is her problem, just as it is when anyone else gets pregnant.

There's an old saying that everyone should tell their daughters. "Keep an aspirin between your knees. It will save you a lot of headaches."

Anonymous said...

Rewarding stupid people for bad behavior....the governments main job since LBJ