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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Where is the Occupy Wall Street movement headed? It’s not back to long term camping in the parks. Their explicit goal for the next step of the movement is the destruction of the United States financial system.

Anyone doubting this isn’t listening, because not only have leading leftist thinkers like Francis Fox Piven laid out this strategy, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has even written the instruction manual.

First, the theory. In the last section of the Stephen K. Bannon film Occupy Unmasked, viewers are warned that the Occupy movement is just beginning. One of the left’s most revered figures agrees. On the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement on September 17th in The Guardian, Francis Fox Piven wrote a piece entitled "Occupy's protest is not over. It has barely begun," where she lays out the movement’s achievements and its future. She correctly points out the impact went far beyond the campouts.


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this is all part of the plan.