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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Final Count: More Than 430,500 Marylanders Voted Early

With a highly charged presidential election and several closely fought questions on the ballot, nearly twice as many Marylanders voted early this year than in 2010. And with long lines and waits at several early voting centers, lawmakers are talking about opening more in 2014.
At the close of the polls Friday night, 430,573 Marylanders – 11.65 percent of eligible voters – had cast ballots through five days of early voting. That was nearly double the six-day standard of 219,601 set in the gubernatorial election of 2010, the state’s first experience with early voting.
Del. Sandy Rosenberg, a Baltimore Democrat, says he will file legislation to open more centers and extend early voting through the Sunday before Election Day.


Anonymous said...

Early voting is for the democrats and naacp to rent vans and coax stooges that ordinarily couldn't give a crap about voting to go vote for their candidate based on race and ethnic hatreds. It gives that irresponsible community more cp time to vote. They call it fairness when it's basically affirmative action for voting.
In other words, they need 2 weeks to do what we usually do in one day.
Another way to lower the bar and dumb down America.

Anonymous said...

Only makes sense that you give people more time to vote more will vote.

Anonymous said...

"In other words, they need 2 weeks to do what we usually do in one day."

You're right. It's a way to give the dems more time to give the irresponsible bums more time to vote just in case they are hung over, drunk or on a drug binge on election day.