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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Md.’s Dream Act Draws Support At National Immigration Convention

Maryland’s Dream Act gets the attention of a national convention taking place in downtown Baltimore.
Political reporter Pat Warren has new information on the challenge to a law providing in-state tuition to undocumented students.
“Yes, we can” is the rallying cry of undocumented students who could qualify for lower in-state tuition
“Yes, I would be able to take advantage of it,” said a Dream Act supporter.
“No, we can’t” is the answer from Marylanders who petitioned the law to referendum.


Anonymous said...

Hey, dogs wag their tails when you show them a bowl of fresh Alpo, too.

I'm sure a bunch of illegal immigrants will wag their signs when you show them free s#!t.

Anonymous said...

hey , it's for the kids , lets make a bunch of them.

Anonymous said...

I dream of your pay check.

Anonymous said...

The law signed last year gives the same tuition benefits enjoyed by legal residents to those here illegally.

That's the same thing as me taking your wallet and stealing the money inside.

It's illegal but ALLOWED.