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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Md. Enhancing Security At Social Services Offices

Maryland is beefing up security at state social services offices.

The move comes after the stabbing of an infant girl, allegedly by her mother, during a supervised visit last spring to the Baltimore Department of Social Services.

State Human Resources Secretary Theodore Dallas tells The Baltimore Sun that the state has taken steps to improve security, including installing lockers in family meeting rooms and doing mandatory bag searches ( The department's also putting panic buttons into family meeting rooms.



Anonymous said...

Why does this office even exist?

Anonymous said...

Enhancing Security. You havn't seen anything yet. Big sis is taking over. Why do you think they bought all that amao? It's not because of some stabbing last year.

Anonymous said...

The Government will protect a Social security office but send a foreign contractor unarmed to protect our Embassy?