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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rahmaland: The Deadliest Alpha City In The World

Chicago likes to compare itself to other world cities, so Ward Room thought it would find out how we rank in violence. It turns out no one can top us. Among what are considered Alpha world cities, Chicago has the highest murder rate -- higher even than the Third World metropolises of Mexico City and Sao Paolo. Here’s how we rank in murders per 100,000 among cities we consider our peers, based on a projected murder total of 505 for this year.

Singapore 0.4
Tokyo 0.5
Hong Kong 0.6
Berlin 1.0
Sydney 1.0
London 1.4
Toronto 1.7
Amsterdam 1.8
Paris 4.4
New York 6.0
Los Angeles 7.5
Mexico City 8.0
Moscow 9.6
Sao Paolo 15.6
Chicago 19.4



Anonymous said...

Ok. Someone show me a stat on Delmar. Most all home owners here have a gun for protection, plus the Delmar police are on top of things and react quickly. Police chief Hal demands the best officers and they are instructed to kick butt when necessary. However, they can not be everywhere all the time, so you must have a way to protect yourself until they arrive.

Anonymous said...

The exact reson why Chicago has the higest murder rate "GUn ban" no CC law. This is what happens when the crimmnals who don't care, out gun their victims. look at the stats for all State/city's that have restritive gun laws. Same problem high murder rate, high crime when compared to less restritive locals. Also when compared to the recent shooting in Colo..look at the stats for high number mass killings..again some countries and or city have total bans on guns and surpass this recent event. All horrible events that could have turned out for the better had some people returned fire at the scene of the crimes. COPS will not be on the scene of a crime 99.9 % of the time ..

Anonymous said...

Looks like they could use a community organizer. Maybe there will be one available next January.

Anonymous said...

where the heck is baltimore on this list?

Anonymous said...

In a city where guns are outlawed.
If more sane people were armed, the crazy people would get off less shots.

I liked that comment so I stole it.

Anonymous said...

This must be one of the "Chicago values" he speaks of.