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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Of Alleged Shooter "Horrified"

The father of a 15-year-old student who police say shot another student at a Baltimore County high school says his son was bullied.

The father spoke to a reporter at his home Monday evening and said his son was the shooter. The Associated Press is not identifying the teen or his family because he is a juvenile and has not been charged.



Anonymous said...

I'm horrified also. Bullying should not happen. But what do you expect when we have a governor who engages in bullying type behavior and all the while his wife is or was on an anti bullying platform?
Where are the so called prominent MD democrats? They should be demanding that omalley set an example and stop now with his inflamatory comments about republicans.
Some will say don't turn this into a policitcal issue but it is. The example should come from the top down. If our highest leader in the state is acting like a bully it needs to stop and he needs to grow the hell up and lead by example as great men do.

Anonymous said...

So now bullying can be used as an excuse for everything. Guess what, as a kid you are most likely going to be bullied, that is the nature of CHILDREN. It has been happening since forever and all of a sudden it is a major issue. It is a major issue because the news makes it one. You have to deal with people your whole life who you won't like or get along with, the answert is not to bring a gun and shoot them. Excuse me as I do not feel bad for this kid at all he deserves what he gets.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you somewhat 9:13 but in my school days a teacher would take a kid but the ear and give it a good twist if they were a bully and it usually stopped due to embarrasment on the part of the bully. Can't do that nowadays. They drug them up with pills to comply.
Too many kids today are drugged up and chemically induced in submission which I believe plays a hugh part in school violence such as this.