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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 Kids Taken From Va. Home, 2 Women Face Charges

Eight children were removed from a Fredericksburg home Sunday after officers found squalid conditions and a nude child wandering around at a nearby convenience store, authorities say.

Spotsylvania County Sheriff's officials say that they were first alerted to the situation when employees at a Wawa convenience store in the 10700 block of Courthouse Road found the young girl walking around naked in the parking lot. When deputies arrived, the girl was able to point out her home.
Upon entering the home, officials say that deputies immediately noticed a strong odor of rotten food and animal waste. Seven more children, ranging in age from seven months to 16 years old, were also found inside. Deputies found animal droppings throughout the residents as well as rotted food in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

the young lady may been protesting shirts and bra's

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my house.

Anonymous said...

Im sure child services were called on her before but when they give her a time and date when they show up, the kids are cleaned. Women are all about the child support tho, forget the kids welfare. Give me DAT money!

Anonymous said...

Have any photo's?

Anonymous said...

Why are we hearing about this in Fredericksburg? This happens in Wicomico County on an almost daily basis.