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Monday, July 30, 2012

CURL: Romney Didn’t Say What They Said He Said

“Romney trip begins in shambles,” blared CNN. “Britain is not ready for the Olympics says Mitt Romney,” screamed the U.K.’s Daily Mail. “Mitt Romney’s Olympics gaffe overshadows visit to London,” bellowed Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.

Even the normally even-handed Reuters joined the fracas: “Romney tries to move beyond Britain gaffes,” the news agency said days later.

But guess what? Mr. Romney said nothing of the kind (which might be why Reuters didn’t even bother to repeat the quote that originally set off the whole thing). The “gaffe” was created solely by the media searching — as they often are — for something juicy to write about.



Anonymous said...

They do not search for Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Holder, Axlerod...

Anonymous said...

This is truly disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I got to hand it to the author - he was fair to everyone, Romney, Obama, Elder Bush, etc. giving the real story behind these so-called "gaffes."

Just goes to show you the gutter level most media stoop to in trying to sway the news. On both sides!

Anonymous said...

The media does NOT make mistakes. Everything it does (MSM) is done on purpose.

This is how mind control works. Then they claim it was a mistake.