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Friday, June 15, 2012

Berlin’s Zenna Wellness Center Celebrates Opening

The Zenna Wellness Center, Berlin’s first-ever Zumba, yoga and aerial yoga studio, aims to stretch the town’s horizons as well as its limbs.

“There was always a vision here,” said co-owner Chrissy Ehrhart-Knight of putting the studio on Main Street.

Ehrhart-Knight, Cate Carrick Nellans and Jesse Martin came up with the idea for a Zumba and yoga center long before they actually made any moves to set up in town.

“Chrissy and I started talking about the idea a year and a half ago,” said Nellans.

Once the pair decided to look for space in Berlin, they found that the process went faster than expected. According to Nellans, a lease for the 10 South Main Street location was signed just last March, while the studio doors opened officially last Friday. Prior to opening, Ehrhart-Knight revealed that the building had to be “totally gutted” and refitted to house high-energy Zumba classes.



Anonymous said...

Hot chicks. I'd like to Zumba their yoga

crug said...

Good Lord, how sexy is that.

Anonymous said...

Calm down old man.

Anonymous said...

I feel better already, its magic what these ladies can do for you. I quess.

Anonymous said...

Probably the only good thing in Berlin. A town run by only few good old boys with a lot of money. They act like they only care, but only see green.

Anonymous said...

Calm down old man.

June 15, 2012 11:09 PM

lol. You're right. Just joshing. Those girls would kill me.

I was just seeing if Joe would publish the ' I'd like to Zumba their yoga' comment.