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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Md. Prosecutors Drop St. Patrick's Day Attackers Charges

Almost half of the charges filed against four people connected with the St. Patrick's Day beating of a man, left stripped naked and unconscious on a Baltimore street, have been dropped, The Baltimore Sun reports.

A total of 24 charges were filed against Aaron Jacob Parsons, 20, Shayona Mikia Davis, 20, Shatia Baldwin, 21, and Deangelo Carter, 19, including first-degree assault for attacking an Alexandria, Va. man in March. Prosecutors have dropped 13 of those charges.

The Baltimore State's Attorney's Office has not yet commented on dropping the charges.



Anonymous said...

How many charges would have been dropped if the victim was black and the attackers were white?

Anonymous said...

Wait. What the hell? Why in the hell are these charges dropped?

Watching that video is completely and utterly disgusting. If this isnt a hate crime I dont know what is.

And no, there is no need to speculate what ifs, and this or that about what wouldve happened if it was a white on black crime. Its pointless. Its just proving your racism.

This is about something that actually happened and it is despicable that these rats are allowed to just walk away from this.