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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brothers Create Superhero To Defend Eastern Shore

SNOW HILL, Md. - Batman defends Gotham City. Superman keeps Metropolis safe from criminals.

"The Fall," a new superhero created by brothers Mat and Josh Shockley, patrols the small towns and beaches of a less glamorous place -- Maryland's Eastern Shore.

The two Snow Hill artists -- who began drawing comics more than two decades ago -- run PLB Comics, an independent, six-year-old enterprise centered on a mystical character who defends a real place that rarely appears in comic stores.

"You hear about superheroes in big cities all the time and we just wanted to put (The Fall) down here," said Mat Shockley, a 29-year-old high school art teacher. "It's kind of easier to write about the area you know."



Anonymous said...

Great more teachers obsessed with children.

Anonymous said...

10:35.. What do you even mean by that statement? Who do you think write any other comics? Kids? Comics are generally written by adults... There are pedophiles everywhere, and all of the teachers I ever had were wonderful teachers undeserving of your ignorant generalization.

Anonymous said...

What does "The Fall" protect the Eastern Shore from? High Paying Jobs? Opportunity?

Anonymous said...

You really can't make the case for an "ignorant generalization" with all of the pedophilia going on by teachers. Unless you are one of them then I understand your paranoia.

Anonymous said...

I know these guys personally. They are not obsessed with kids. They are talented artists.