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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Congress To Investigate Botched Chinese Defection

Obama administration rebuffed a senior Chinese police official in southern China who sought to defect, turning him away after his presence became known to Chinese security forces.

An administration official familiar with China affairs said the botched defection of Wang Lijun, a vice mayor and chief crime investigator in Chongquing, was mishandled not only by local American officials in China but also by White House and State Department officials in Washington unwilling to upset China by granting Wang refuge in the consulate.



Anonymous said...

Every time we have a Democrat in the White house there is Chinese involvement.

lmclain said...

The Americans just sentenced him and his family to death. We TALK about "freedom" and "liberty", but thats all. Now, we will not do anything to piss the Chinese off. Even if it means helping themn to find and kill dissenters....

Anonymous said...

So we effectively pulled the trigger on this guy and his family when he sought the mercy of the Statue of Liberty. Great. Obama has "fundamentally changed" Amerika. Our foreign policy is unconstitutional.