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Thursday, October 27, 2011

General Strike Called For In Oakland, California


When we spoke earlier we talked about how the protests in the U.S. were evolving in the same fashion as those taking place in Europe, Syria, Libya, etc.  This appears to be true not only in how things evolve but also in how they are coordinated. It would seem that twitter and facebook are vital to the protesters in coordinating their efforts locally and nationwide. I signed up for a twitter account in order to monitor the goings on. This is a perfect example of the messages being sent to coordinate the efforts.....

 General Strike & Mass Day of Action, this Wednesday, November 2nd. ,  and

Occupy Oakland
Oakland is peaceful tonight, most left plaza around 12am, a few people camping, Tomorrow at 6pm we meet again at 14th & Broadway .
and elsewhere....New York, Zuchotti Park...
Foo Conner
by Occupybruklyn
March is heading back to Zuccotti Park as police in riot gear have arrived. , and
davy slaying goliath
by Occupybruklyn
Ahh.....the information age. You can be sure that the government is monitoring these transmissions an are coordinating their responses accordingly. Is this the United States we grew up in?


Rick said...

What impact do a bunch of clowns with nothing else to do think a general strike on their behalf will have?

Anonymous said...

Rick - probably the same thing a bunch of clowns with nothing to do that were upset the the President was black did with their general strike.

Who wants some tea?

Anonymous said...

Both 11:23 and 11:46 are textbook examples of how the government (particularly the political parties) have effectively sidelined the energy of some Americans by keeping them divided and fighting amongst themselves.

11:23 you want to see what type of affect a general strike will have? Let it involve truck drivers who refuse to drive the food to the grocery stores and in 48 hours you will see chaos you never expected.

11:46 if you think the Tea Party was something other than a grass roots effort to reform government, you are drinking the government kool-aid. What the tea Party represented was the last chance for peaceful, meaningful change to get us back to our constitutional underpinnings. Now we are seeing a violent revolution unfold before us. As JFK said:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

Keep denying it all you want. This nation is full of those who refuse to see the truth because they choose to be the slaves of tyrant government. I may not agree with every message being chanted by these groups of protester but I support their right to protest and I damned sure support their right to redress government. I also support their opposition to bank bailouts that continue in the face of these protests. The messages are diverse because the crowd is diverse. Do you really think those in attendance are only left wing liberals? If so, you really have had too much of the kool-aid. Think of the gun toting unemployed accountant who was interviewed by the AP. He stated that he disagreed with the message but he was thee to protect their right to protest. Hmmmm....he doesn't sound like a left leaner to me. He actually sounds more like a patriot who understands the meaning and the reason for his 2nd amendment right.

Rick said...

1:13: You won't see truck drivers hanging with this crowd because they are busy making a living and doing their job.

Anonymous said...

You won't see truck drivers hanging with this crowd because they are busy making a living and doing their job.

October 27, 2011 1:57 PM

Do you know the meaning of the word strike? If they are on strike, they won't be busy making a living and doing their job.


Rick said...

1:57 Duh

Anonymous said...

Rick is assuming that eveyone else will compromise their values for personal gain. Hmm Rick. That is very telling. I'll bet there are many working people who are opposed to our government using taxpayers dollars to bail out banks and are willing to take off of work for a week or so in order to make a point. Rick you had better learn that the "Me Me Me" attitude ou exhibit is much like what got us to where we are. This is bigger than any one of us. This is about freedom, liberty, and true capitalism. Not greed, tyranny, and being self absorbed. Freedom isn't free Ricky. Wake up! Revolution is at hand!

Rick said...

4:27 Tell that to the "protesters" as they tweet on their Iphones while they scarf up the free food, drugs, and sex.

Anonymous said...

yeah...the minority engaged in those activities could be doing all of those things from home - but they're not. They're making a difference - what are you making?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see these protesters beaten and washed from the streets.