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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I’m still waiting for this Occupy thing to blow over like many on this site predicted. Seems that Fourth Turnings never get less intense. I’m sure this is just a passing fad and will dissipate as soon as it gets cold. I’m glad to see the billions we’ve spent on Homeland Security to prevent terrorists attacks are being put to good use crushing discontent and free speech of American citizens.

Remember when we traded liberty and freedom for safety and security? This is what you get. Feel safe now?



Anonymous said...

12+ months left to go until the election. I don't think they've seen anything yet. This revolution is just getting organized.

Vote Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

This may be just the beginning of what is going to get ugly when the rest of the people get tired of this crap. They claim not to have used Flash Bang devices on the crowd but tear gas canisters are not the loud when they go off!

Anonymous said...

Tear gas only make a loud bang when being shot from the gun...

What about the guy who got shot in the head by a canister?