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Saturday, June 04, 2011

DeLuca Employment Records Demanded

Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca is facing pressure from talk-show hosts, open-government advocates and fellow Democrats to voluntarily release attendance records for his second state job at the Department of Labor.

The Progressive Democrats for Delaware and the Delaware Coalition for Open Government distributed a letter signed by 83 taxpayers this week, demanding DeLuca and the 10 other legislators who collect second checks in state agencies, schools and universities release their attendance records.

A state law forbids them from being paid for both jobs for the same time period.

"We request that Senator DeLuca and any similarly situated Senator or Representative voluntarily release that information, and waive the supposed protections a merit-based employee receives under the law," the letter reads. "Failing that, they should resign one of their positions. Because, quite simply, if we can't have the records and the doors of government are being shut to the people, then Delaware's legislators must be prohibited from having two state jobs."

Asked about the statement this week, DeLuca said he had "no comment." The Varlano Democrat represents the 11th District in central New Castle County.


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Al in Fenwick said...

Let's keep in mind that DE's States Attorney, the same one who STILL hasn't prosecuted the biggest PEDO in DE's history, is protecting DeLuca. Mr. Biden ruled that no information could be provided under the FOIA about DeLuca's work attendance because it would put him in danger with terrorists.

DeLuca needs to go and Biden needs to go. Stop them from sucking off the taxpayers any longer than possible.