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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Major Abandoned House Fire In Delmar

There was a major abandoned house fire just across the street from the Delmar Elementary School today. Thanks to our friends at Fire in the whole photography we are able to deliver you some incredible shots of the loss.
Unfortunately there have been quite a few arson's in the Delaware area that had come to a stop but now all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the fires have started up again. I'll leave it up to comments to break that one down.
There will be additional photos available at Fire in the Hole's Website very soon.


Anonymous said...

People have been over to that place about two weeks ago doing some work or something. The roof was recently torn of of it also. Maybe it was set on purpose so it didn't have to be tore down. By the way, I would have called that place a shack instead of a house. No way anyone could have lived in there.

Anonymous said...

The state of MD and DE have gone crazy with their burning bans, and the requirements you have to meet for controlled burns. So as a result, we have these arsons.

BossHogg said...

I wonder if there was any insurance on the property?

Anonymous said...

So whats the new found relationship with the fire in the hole gang? I see you showing more and more of their stuff. Not saying I don't like it because I do. They along with you do a great job at what the both of you all do. I see the pay roll getting bigger at sby news.

Anonymous said...

When that property was up for sale by HUD, we went over to look at it.
The house was open and people were obviously sleeping and doing drugs in there.
This does not surprise me. Their crack pipe probably exploded.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the photos at FITHP and the FD let it burned to the ground. If that is the case then why did the request the Fire Marshal??

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was that place that was up for sale by HUD or the white house that used to be next to it that the county finally made the owner tear down. I think this property has a for sale sign on it with $150,000 price tag. Good Luck!