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Monday, May 06, 2019

These are America’s biggest style regrets

From boldly boasting shoulder pads to embracing wildly dyed hair or frizzed-out perms — two out of three Americans have a previous fashion choice or hairstyle that haunts them, according to new research.

Floyd 99’s Barbershop, in conjunction with OnePoll, conducted a study to examine the hair, beauty, and grooming routines of 2,000 Americans. It found that 66 percent of Americans have a cringeworthy look or fashion regret from their past that they can’t bear to think about.

And through their research they found the common denominator of regretful styling, beauty and grooming habits people have had about themselves in the past.

Poor fashion choices aside, the ghosts of hairstyles past was the biggest factor.

Beyond the perm and hair color gone wrong, a mullet, bangs and big curls were hairstyles that most Americans would like to leave in the rearview mirror.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 80's were Rad

Anonymous said...

When Camo came out of the woods seasonally and became a year round fashion print.

Anonymous said...

The beehive hairdo, Hon.

Anonymous said...

Shaved sides, a mop top & a man bun.

Gag me with spoon!

Anonymous said...

Mullet. Need I say more?