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Saturday, November 30, 2019

WWII veteran who credited longevity to daily Coors Light turns 102

Drinking beer will apparently keep you young — at least it has done so for WWII veteran Andrew E. Slavonic, who is celebrating his 102nd birthday on Dec. 1.

Slavonic, who went viral last year for drinking a Coors Light every day at 4 p.m. for over a decade, and his son Bob shared with Fox News how much the Pennsylvania centenarian’s life has changed since his modest Internet fame.

“All I can say is that it has been one helluva of a year for dad. He has never had this much attention in his life. I really think he loves it,” Slavonic's son told Fox News.

“He has met various people around town that have come up to him and wanted to shake his hand and ask him if it really the one Coors Light that keeps him going. He says it is. We go to the local VFW Post 764 every Friday for dinner and everyone there just loves seeing him and talking to him,” he added.


Anonymous said...

I believe his name has more to do with longevity of life compared to the hops in a can. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I once chauffeured for a man that lived well into his 90's. He was wealthy, survived WWI as a balloon pilot, and survived throat cancer. He had a habit that I had to serve him every day. He had to have a shot of liquor, usually in a cup of coffee every afternoon, between 3 and 4PM. It was like a ritual to him. During my month and a half on the road with him, even during his social visits with his mainland friends, he never consumed alcohol at any other time. He attributed his wealth and long life to ....LUCK. Nothing else. Never claimed to be smarter than anyone else, just lucky.