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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Political Memes


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what makes Trump supporters think he is not part of the establishment? Is it simply his turnover rate? Many of his appointees are under qualified, if qualified at all. None of the tax loopholes have been cleaned up, if anything the haven for the ultra rich has been expanded massively. It's time we realize that a small handout in our income taxes are not worth the control billionaires are taking over our lives.

Anonymous said...

733, please explain what specific part of your life is now controlled by billionaires that wasn't controlled before? Trump isn't a part of the establishment because he is not a life long politician.

Girdletree said...

And I'm curious what does it take for you to realize how corrupt the DOJ, the FBI, and the House of Rep are. Also, what billionaires are taking over your life. Facebook's Zuckerberg or Window's Gates? Buy an Apple and stay off Facebook! Problem solved. Your one i.e. was that Trump gave a tax cut and his staff? You're obviously an uninformed Democrat. Move along. You're not gonna make waves here, let alone a ripple.

Anonymous said...

All of these Memes today are really good, and oh so true.

Anonymous said...

Mr Trump is in fact part of the establishment. He is an ACTOR and a Freemason. He and his father have been in business with Jewish Mafia their entire lives.

Mr Trump was merely the lesser of 2 evils: Him, or his good friend Hillary.

Mexico will not pay for the wall
The Wall will never be built regardless of who pays for it
Hillary was not prosecuted or even investigated
Benghazi truth will never be revealed, nor the origins of Al CIA ‘Duh, and ISIS / ISIL.

Anonymous said...

Did this person just wake up. Or is it "woke" up. Trump was never a Politician. Since he has brought his business knowledge to American we have a better economy even with Democrats harassing him. Politicians only know how to take your money and spend it for you.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, some people just refuse to smarten up. Joe, did you allow these crappy comments from these jokers just to embarrass them? lol (they are but they will never realize it)