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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Joe Biden, son excluded from Democrats' Ukraine probe

President Trump’s defenders in Congress increasingly point to the importance of investigating corruption in Ukraine allegedly involving former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter, which is the centerpiece of the impeachment inquiry.

While absent from House Democrats’ impeachment probe, questions persist about Hunter Biden’s high-paying job on a Ukraine natural-gas company while his father was the point man for the Obama White House in Ukraine, a country notorious for corruption, especially in the energy industry.

“I don’t see how you can litigate the allegations against the president without litigating the allegations against Hunter Biden. They are inextricably linked,” Sen. John N. Kennedy, Louisiana Republican, told The Washington Times.

Hunter Biden picked up about $850,000 while serving on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukraine natural gas company, despite having no experience in that field. Hunter also profited in China, where his father was spearheading U.S. foreign policy, inking a $1.5 billion deal with an investment firm connected to the government in Beijing.

And the elder Mr. Biden famously bragged last year that he pushed Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor, a move critics say aimed to stop an investigation of Burisma, which the prosecutor has said he was investigating at the time.

Democrats poo-poo allegations of wrongdoing by the Bidens.



Anonymous said...

Nothing sticks to Biden and family they get a free pass just like Obama did.

Anonymous said...

It is high time that we have TERM LIMITS in Congress, Senate and house. They stay so long they think they rule the land. They forget they WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!! Democrats can commit crimes, take $$ from our foreign enemies and get family members profit from all these other countries too. Then when they should be prosecuted it is poo-poo no wrongdoing. Let a Republicans including our President walk across the street wrong and the Democrats want to hang them from the highest beam. This has to stop!!!!

Anonymous said...

When you're rich your above the law.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's not free. That favor was worth 1.5 billion and we need to sue the Biden's one voter after another until we get our money back. Biden is a communist

Anonymous said...

This is so sickening. I hope the American people
wake up to what is going on with these sleeze bags!
It's also been stated Hunter Biden did not sit on
ONE Meeting with the Board!
How corrupt is our Country ! God help Trump clean
it up !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess they also forgot Eric, Ivanka , Jared and Don Jr.

Anonymous said...

Term limits would solve a lot of problems

Anonymous said...

Now you are grasping at air buttercup

Anonymous said...

Let's get the sequence correct: Obama made Ukraine Biden's franchise area to plunder. Biden secured his druggie kid a no work job halfway around the world with enough pay to offset a portion of his drug habit. All's well and nobody is paying attention. Biden brags about it. Trump is elected; Hillary loses, and the apple cart is upset. And the plot to overturn the election is put into motion.