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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Palindrome Week

Today begins Palindrome Week, which means that every date reads the same backward as it does forward!


Anonymous said...

Big deal! Palindromes are child's play with numbers, let me see you do a few with real letters and words. "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama" or something similar. Can you do it?

Anonymous said...

5:50 Racecar, rotator the name Hannah and repaper are the ones I remember. No lemons, no melon. Too hot to hoot. I don't remember anymore. We learned them in High School. Our year book was name The Palindrome. Here is a quiz for you. Name the High School. Yes it is in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Glenelg High School. The only reason I remember was that I was sweet on a girl who went there. Martha Volmerhousen, I think. But that was 51 years ago.