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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

McAleenan: Border Arrests Drop Due to 'Shared Responsibility'

Apprehensions at the southern border dropped to 64,000 in August, tens of thousands less than the month before, thanks to an "international effort" to reduce crossings, Fox News reports.

August saw 64,006 migrants apprehended or found to be inadmissible, a 22% decrease from the 82,055 apprehended in July, and a 56% drop from the 144,000 caught or refused admission in May. Fox notes, although migration numbers drop after the summer, it is not usually this pronounced.

Officials credit the "Remain in Mexico" policy the country adopted following President Donald Trump's threat of tariffs has helped reduce crossings into the U.S., since migrants who reach Mexico are now being given permits to stay, authorization for work, social security, and free transport if they wish to return to their country of origin.

"That international effort is making an impact," Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said Monday.

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