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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Trooper outsmarts scammer, recovers $17,500 belonging to a Cecil County woman

NORTH EAST, Md. — Just two years on the job and Maryland State Police Trooper Kurtis Henry has done something even the most capable and experienced law enforcement officers have trouble doing. Trooper Henry helped intercept $17,500 that was headed directly to a scammer.

The victim, an older woman who did not want to be identified, walked into the North East barracks last month at around six in the morning and explained what had happened. Someone called her claiming her computer virus software was expiring. The caller convinced her to renew for $350, and requested her bank account information. She gave the caller the information then had second thoughts and asked for a refund.

“They then moved some money around in her account and made it look like they gave her too much money,” said Henry.



Anonymous said...

Thank God a cop that actually works. I have handed them an open shut case on a several occasions and they did nothing or the courts cut the person loose with a slap on the wrist. Like 8 days served on the weekends for attempted murder slap on the wrist.

Tammy said...

I got the same call today. The Asian woman told me the same thing. When I told her I didn’t have a computer she hung up on me. The telephone name was from West Palm Beach Florida. 561 421 4391