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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Joe Biden's brother is being sued by medical execs

The younger brother of Joe Biden allegedly attempted to leverage his standing with potential business partners by fraudulently promising them the former Vice President would implement their health care models into his 2020 campaign, a new court filing in Tennessee reveals.

Over the past few years, several accusations of Joe Biden's relatives attempting to profit from his public standing have arisen, but the new filing provided the first explicit claims that James Biden offered up his brother's influence to benefit his own private business pursuits.

Filed by executives of two firms, Azzam Medical Services and Diverse Medical Management, who both provide rural healthcare solutions, the allegations came in sworn testimonies filed in federal court Friday against James Biden.



Anonymous said...

But... isn’t that how politics works??? Lie-cheat-steal - anything you can get away with??

Anonymous said...

That whole family is dipped in corruption. And Joe is dumb as they come.

Anonymous said...

LUNCH BUCKET JOE is more like a PORTABLE TOILET.Lying crooked pervert.