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Thursday, May 09, 2019

You Are the Mother!

Maury Povich is an American television personality best known for hosting the show “Maury.” During the late ‘90s, it became known for a segment called “Who’s the Daddy?” during which men who were denying or trying to establish paternity were given DNA tests and the results were revealed on the air. This shock jock television program exploited moms who were in search of the father of their children only to often find out the man she thought was the father was not. No matter what the paternity DNA test results revealed, she was undoubtedly the mother.

Nonetheless, when the paternity test was 99.9% correct that the father was the one on stage, the moms would shout with vengeful glee. This celebration included pointing, jeering, and laughing as to say, “I told you so! Now pay me!” Motherhood in America has taken a detour down a twisted road headed toward a dead end. This is the direction motherhood has taken as children are being viewed as a commodity used for financial gain.

Gone are the days where the children’s needs are valued over personal happiness. Gone are the days when mothers nurtured their children based on love and family legacy, not convenience and comfort. Gone are the days when a mother desired to be with the father of her children so he could train, love, and discipline them. Today, she wants a check in the mail to compensate for his willful or unwilling absence.

I spoke with a mental-health expert recently about the state of motherhood and her response was telling. She said, “I have to watch moms literally ignore the needs of their children because they never got what they needed as a child. They are too busy dealing with their own personal childhood traumas that they cannot fully be there for their children.” She went on to say, “So many moms believe they are well meaning when it comes to what their children need, but they can’t seem to understand that they are only living out their childhood traumas. They try to give what they did not receive from their own mothers.” She then said, “When babies make babies those children grow up to be children in adult bodies. Great grandmothers raise the children, while grandmothers are working, and mothers have checked out.”



Anonymous said...

Sounds like "Baltimore" to me !

Anonymous said...

That crap is extremely prevalent right here in your ghetto da 'bury. There's one psycho I had the misfortune of getting to know spits them out for child support and dumps them off on her 80 something mother. Mom got wise and took her to court and got custody and the child support. She did have a spell of her getting the check before she hot home from work