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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Why These Classic American Toys Are Great for Our Kids

Kids today may not believe it — but there was a time when toys didn’t need to be charged up, plugged in, or otherwise “prepped” before they could be used.

Incredible. You just took the toy out of the box and … started playing with it!

Parents of all ages should remember to choose classic toys because they encourage imagination, creativity, and problem-solving for kids. They’re also loads of fun.

Remember just playing?

“Play is a tremendous way to connect with one another,” Tim Walsh, author of the book “Timeless Toys,” told LifeZette in an interview.

“Classic toys like Slinky and Wiffle Ball have multiple generations of fans, connecting people across decades. A five-year-old who played with Slinky when it came out in 1945 is today a 76-year-old great-grandparent — who can literally give her grandchild the toy and say, ‘I played with this when I was your age.’ How cool is that?”

Below are six great American-conceived classic toys that any child would be happy to see this spring or summer (or under the Christmas tree this year — though you may not be able to wait that long).


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Anonymous said...

I got a single-shot 22 rifle for Christmas when I was 6, I am 64 now. I got my son one when he was 10 and he was a expert marksman in the US Army in Iraq (2005) killing Muslim terrorists!