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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hunter Biden Must Testify Over Daddy-Linked Dealings In Ukraine, China: Schweizer

Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer has called on the Senate to invite Hunter Biden to testify about his business dealings in China and Ukraine - both of which were linked to his father, former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden.

"What I’ve called for simply is for the Senate to call former second son Hunter Biden to come and testify and people look into this," said Schweizer in an exclusive interview with The Hill. "We’re talking about large deals and large sums of involves countries like China, which are America’s chief rival on the global stage."
The researcher provided an overview of Hunter Biden's alleged business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and the Chinese government in a recent New York Post op-ed that details payments of more than $3 million to Hunter Biden's company during a 14-month period when his father was the point person on Ukraine policy for the Obama administration. -The Hill


Anonymous said...

If they can drag in Trump Jr they can drag in The POS Biden in.

Anonymous said...

Watch he will take the 5th.

Concerned Retiree said...

Would he not be called a spy / informer since we know he had to be cooperating with them on other issues since they are our enemies and they loaned him money and was involved in their companies. This is espionage at it's best. Possible treasonous to the US National Security.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden thought he was Joe Kennedy and prepared the way for his sons to create a Delaware based dynasty.

Both were sent to law school, with older one pursuing politics first after getting some military time on the resume. That left the younger son free to be the money conduit by getting lucrative work for MBNA, and others including China and the Ukraine. In Hunter's pocket and effectively in that of Creepy Uncle Joe.

The plan went askew when the older son got brain cancer and died. Younger son messed up his military officer credential by failing a drug test and getting booted.

So poor (sic) old Joe has got to go back on the hustings to get the cash flow restarted.

Anonymous said...

And there are still those out there that are dumb enough to vote for Joe and his wayward remaining son Hunter.