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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

#Blexit2020 — How Black Voters Will Turn Out in 2020

Blexit opened many black eyes to the truths of the Democrat party. Now we look forward to the 2020 presidential election and examine the pressing issues black voters are truly concerned about.

The horde of progressive Democrats are running on empty, using any sensitive issue to fuel their campaigns. It’s their way to reach for low-hanging fruit that appeals to the uninformed. Topics like reparations and marijuana legalization are worn like a brand shown only to black voters to keep them emotional. For one, it’s insulting that these candidates believe black voters would give up their precious votes in exchange for free money and drugs. And two, it’s cheap. This is why the Blexit movement matters.

In 2020, the Blexit movement will shine a guiding light on the real issues affecting black Americans. I think of it as a lighthouse designed to help our lost sailors find their way home through the thick fog cast over them. To see this light, some of us have a long way to go, but more than ever before has the black population been closer to reaching the shores of sound political insight and the true issues that affect us.



Anonymous said...

The Dems haven't done squat for Blacks other than giving them the equivalent of trinkets to keep them under control to harvest their votes. All of the other promises over the decades, going back to LBJ and beyond, have been smoke in the wind; once the elections are over, the promises evaporate until the next cycle.

It's refreshing to see that more people are actually getting it now and turning their backs to the party that keeps the plantation alive and the plantation owners and overseers employed.

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Sorry folks but they generally do not possess the IQ necessary to think critically and make good choices. Marxist democrats use their old, worn but highly successful play book to manipulate ignorant voters. Lies, propaganda and manipulation are what keeps democrats in power. if they were honest in presenting their agenda, my guess is that even stupid voters might reject them.