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Monday, May 13, 2019

Father of Colorado School Shooter is an Illegal Alien and Repeat Felon

The father of Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney is an illegal alien and repeat felon.

The Daily Mail reported:

The father of one of the alleged STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters in Colorado is a serial felon and illegal immigrant from Mexico, can reveal.

Jose Evis Quintana, the father of alleged 16-year-old killer Alec McKinney was once jailed for 15 months for domestic violence against Alec’s mother and ‘menacing with a weapon’.

McKinney has been charged alongside his friend Devon Erickson of killing one student and injuring eight others at the school close to Denver, Colorado.



Anonymous said...

Imagine that!! Your Democratic liberal policies are coming back to bite you in the ass!!

Anonymous said...

Was he a bad dad?

Anonymous said...

Like father like son!!

Anonymous said...

This is the norm we let them have squatter's rights and we pay for it with rapes, murders, drugs and terrorist attacks on our children. Isn't that right Dems if only it was in your neighborhoods.