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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lawmakers roll out new bill to stop veteran suicides

A bipartisan group of lawmakers will unveil new legislation Wednesday to address a recent spate of high-profile veteran suicides and an uptick in suicide rates.

The bill, offered by New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi, and co-sponsored by Republican Reps. Jim Banks and Mike Bost, will require a review of the current training, workload and staffing at VA centers.

The announcement comes in the wake of renewed calls that not enough is being done to confront the enduring problem of elevated suicide rates at Veterans Affairs facility, after three U.S. military veterans died by suicide on VA properties in Texas and Georgia over the span of five days earlier this month.

In the past 18 months, at least 23 veterans have lost their lives to suicide at VA medical centers, according to VA data.

“Twenty veterans die by suicide every day. This is wrong and unacceptable, and we must do more,” said Rep. Brindisi.

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Anonymous said...

Not broke don't fix it-(D) Alex

Anonymous said...

what hubris those "lawmakers" have

Anonymous said...

As if WAR wasn't suicide enough. These recent skirmishes and modern field medicine just did not get you killed Honorably. It fucked you up and sent you home maimed and scarred, disfigured and humiliated with antiquated VA services and little cultural outreach and for what. How many Americans have ever been too or give a shit about these places ? They were never any Global threat to us. You can wave the flag and fret over abortion. Adopt a burned scarred legless homeless Veteran that's been living in the streets unable to bath or change his own diaper. What is the cost of Freedom after all ?
Sure he or she is not a precious little unwanted baby butchered in a dark womb. These Vets are peoples wanted children and a part of families in service of the Nation. When will there be a no legged burn victim in the White House ?
Yeah we just keep electing rich white men that have never served beyond themselves.....ok one black one but he was quite white and didn't serve.