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Monday, April 22, 2019

Cats Do Recognize Their Names - They Just Don't Care

A new study published Thursday in Scientific Reports claims domestic cats do recognize their own names — they just couldn't care less.

For the study, scientists first had cat owners repeatedly say four words that were similar to their cats' names.

Next the owners said the actual names, and the researchers looked at whether individual cats appeared able to distinguish their names from the similar sounding words.

The cats had more pronounced responses to their own names — moving their ears, heads or tails, or meowing.

Then the researchers had strangers speak the names to the cats to test their response. Though their responses were less prominent than when their owners called them, they still appeared to recognize their names.



Anonymous said...

Cats are horrible.

Anonymous said...

You're horrible. Cats are great.

Anonymous said...

8:46 you're horrible they have been pets since the pyramids. You're probably a no pet person which means you'd have to hang food around your neck to get an animal to even come to you when called.

Anonymous said...

Living fly swatter and mouse catcher. Uses the bathroom outside, comes right back in. She even killed a copperhead on my porch. My cat is diesel and f-ing awesome.

Anonymous said...

Cats are the number one pet in the world by their numbers. I think that proves that cats are great! Polls, surveys, and actual number counts of Vet visits all add up to the cat being the choice for the world as a fur-baby for the masses.

Anonymous said...

cat = short-nosed opossum

Anonymous said...

Cats are bad-ass and they do it with style.

Cat Grandma said...

I will take my cats over people any day! Most people are trash, and young people today are Tide-Pod eating idiots!

Anonymous said...

"cats do recognize their own names — they just couldn't care less"


I'm that way with my wife. That's why I love cats.

Mr Bob

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with non animal people. I've seen owners of pets abuse them. I like them from afar. Too much responsibility that I don't have time for.