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Friday, March 22, 2019

Colorado AG: Sheriffs Who Will Not Enforce Gun Confiscation ‘Should Resign’

Colorado Attorney General (AG) Phil Weiser (D) said sheriffs who refuse to enforce gun confiscation laws “should resign” their posts.

Democrat lawmakers are pushing a red flag law that will allow a court to issue confiscatory order empowering police to go to a gun owner’s home and take away his firearms. As of March 12, 2019, ten Colorado counties had declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” to signal that they would support their sheriffs in refusing to enforce the confiscation law.

Numerous sheriffs have subsequently taken a stand against the red flag law, and the Colorado Sun quotes AG Weiser saying those sheriffs “should resign.”



Anonymous said...

Yeah, and politicians who want to re-write or ignore the Constitution should be hung for treason!

Anonymous said...

How about this instead: AG's who harbor illegals should resign.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sheriff's KNOW and will UPHOLD our Constitution and Bill of Rights no matter what.

Anonymous said...

No, AG's who don't support the Constitution's 2nd Amendment should resign.

Anonymous said...

Do you even own a gun ?