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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Gillette Faces Widespread Mockery, Backlash for Man-Scolding Ad

Shaving product manufacturer Gillette received an overwhelmingly negative response to its latest advertisement campaign, which takes a stand against “toxic masculinity.”

The advertisement, which received over 330,000 dislikes on YouTube against just 75,000 likes, asked viewers, “Is this the best a man can get?” in a twist on the company’s classic tagline, “The best a man can get,” and took on a number of issues, including sexual harassment and bullying, but also masculinity.

At the start of the video, “toxic masculinity” is read out as one of the main negative issues in society, along with “bullying,” and “sexual harassment.”

Gillette’s parent company P&G has previously engaged in left-wing activism, and in 2017, the company joined Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign to raise awareness about the “gender pay gap,” by offering rebates to women.



Anonymous said...

Their blades are the best quality, but I immediately canceled my membership in the Gillette shave club when I saw the commercial and YouTube video.
I am sick and tired of the political correctness and male bashing that is going on out there. They are already losing market share because a lot of men are no longer shaving. Schick makes good quality blades and so does the dollar shave club and others. Lots of competition. I think Gillette hurt themselves with this one!

Anonymous said...

Just more feminization of the American male by the left.

Anonymous said...

They are marketing geniuses who are getting free advertising galore now. Pay attention, the "ride the false outrage" wave is gonna be the norm in advertising... makes your dollars go SO much further when you can keep everyone talking.

All press is good press.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!
The problem here is that the marketing group is listening to the wrong demographic when they designed the ad. They probably polled millennials living in metropolitan areas. If they had broadened their research group, they would have found that this was as bad as Target opening up their women's bathrooms to any Tom, Dick and Harry.
I taught my boys to be strong, open doors for women and treat them with respect. I taught my daughter to expect the same from the men in her life. Her room was pink. My boys rooms were blue.

Anonymous said...

"Look sharp! Feel sharp! Be sharp!", says Sharpie the Parrot.

How're you fixed for blades?

Anonymous said...

They're done in this neck of the woods. I'd rather shave with the jagged edge of a can of New Coke. Incredibly stupid move. Maybe they can get Colon Krapper to be they're spokesmodel; he's as Woke as you can get! And his ratty beard could use a trim.

Anonymous said...

I bought an electric razor Christmas. I love it. Wet or dry. Razor cream or not. ITS FREAKING AWESOME. No more paying 30 dollars for 6 razors. I must have been insane. Now they want pansies

Steve said...

I buy 12 bic type razors from Walgreens for $3 and they last me all year. I was sent a free Gillette 5 blade razor for a free trial and when I went to get refills, it would cost me over $50 a year.

They are nice razors, but not THAT nice, and with their insultive advertising, they are dead to me.

Ga Woke, Go Broke, Gillete!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone talking about toxic femininity? You know who they are and how they behave.