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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Charlie Kirk: Blexit Is the ‘Beginning of the End of the Democrat Party’

Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News on Sunday that the Blexit movement, led by Candace Owens, is “the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party.”

“I would like to see nothing more than the Left be held accountable for all the horrible things they’ve done to the black community — the lies, the misrepresentations, the ravaging of their communities,” said Kirk to Breitbart News in Los Angeles at Owens’ very first Blexit event of 2019.

“Look, I come from Chicago, which is plagued by gun violence, plagued by poverty,” continued Kirk, “We have Democrat city council members-- only Democrat city council members, only Democrat congressmen. The last Republican mayor was in 1931, and yet they still blame Republicans for all their problems.”

“The Democrats own the problems of the black community, and it’s going to be Donald Trump, it’s going to be free markets, it’s going to be conservatives, that are finally going to make this community prosperous again,” said Kirk, “Blexit is really the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party.”


[Meet the Blexiteers: ‘There Are More Options Than Just Being Democrat’]


Anonymous said...

we need more groups like this to get this nation back on course. the dems are evil vile deceptive pigs

Anonymous said...

I believe Dems are already aware of Blacks existing their party that's why we have 2 Musulims and one socialist drumming for the Dems.

Anonymous said...

No, I think satam hussein obama was the beginning of the end for the democratic party