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Monday, December 31, 2018

Why all you've been told about these polar bears could be WRONG: Inuits have a very different story

On the afternoon of July 3, Aaron Gibbons, a hunter from the Inuit hamlet of Arviat on the north-west shore of Hudson Bay, took his three children on a boat trip.

Gibbons, 31, had a well-paid job at Meadowbank, a gold mine deep in the Arctic tundra, which took him away for weeks at a time.

But when he was home, he loved to deploy the inherited skills of his ancestors.

‘He was an experienced provider of country food for his family,’ says his uncle, Gordy Kidlapik, 60, a hunting veteran. ‘His father had brought him up that way, and he was good at it.’



Anonymous said...

Climate change. Dems couldn't even wait to take over the house before we heard about climate change. Everything wrong in this country will be climate change. Guess I won't be listening to new much until the Republicans are back in the house.

Anonymous said...

It’s always to many animals (the non human kind) that are the problem. Never encroaching human populations or spikes in human animal numbers. And lets face it, almost all encounters with humans ends in the bears death. We as a species keep forgetting we’re part of the food chain especially to a polar bear.

J.C. said...

If you really want to learn something look at deer,bear,Turkey and waterfowl numbers from the 1900's til now. Then look at how the difference came about and who made it happen.