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Monday, December 31, 2018

Florida politician shoots intruder who crashed vehicle into another house while fleeing cops, police say

A Florida politician shot an alleged intruder who crashed his vehicle into another house while attempting to flee police officers, officials said.

Palmetto city commissioner Brian Williams opened fire after seeing Avelino Misreal Vasquez-Perez, 22, hiding in his garage and trying to enter the kitchen, Miami Herald reported.

“He was lawfully defending home and family,” Police Chief Scott Tyler said.

Officers attempted to pull over Vasquez-Perez about 10 p.m. Thursday after they spotted him driving recklessly and suspected he was impaired, police said. Vasquez-Perez sped off, crashed into a home in Palmetto and fled the scene with another passenger.



Anonymous said...

You would go to jail on eastern shore if you do that.

Anonymous said...

If you shoot someone in self-defense, you have to show that you were in fear of your life. Here in Maryland.