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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

U.S.-China Trade Deficit Eliminated Jobs for Americans in All 50 States

The United States’ trade deficit with China has eliminated jobs for Americans in all 50 states and every congressional district, new research reveals.

Researchers with the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found that between 2001 and 2017, the U.S.-China trade deficit has been responsible for the loss of 3.4 million American jobs. The vast majority of jobs lost from free trade with China has been in the U.S. manufacturing sector, making up 74.4 percent of all jobs lost and amounting to 2.5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs lost. This total of jobs lost also includes the 1.3 million American jobs lost since 2008.

The EPI researchers note that the U.S.-China trade deficit has eliminated American jobs in all 50 states and in every single congressional district across the country.


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Anonymous said...

FAKE NEWS. America is booming best jobs records in decades. President Trump is Delivering and all Americans are benefiting.