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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

'Reinsurance' Obamacare fix wins bipartisan support in Senate

Sen. Joe Manchin III, a West Virginia Democrat who just won re-election in one of the country’s reddest states, has an idea to fixObamacare — call in President Trump.

The West Virginian is among senators on both sides of the aisle who want to bring back a bipartisan “reinsurance” plan, in which federal dollars blunt the costs of pricey customers in states’ markets, so everyone else can pay less.

A similar plan fell apart earlier this year, as both sides girded for a bitter midterm-election campaign. Yet Democrats romped to victory in the House and limited their Senate losses in a very unfavorable map, leaving a divided government and a chance for the White House to step in and find common ground.

“It’s going to be called ‘Trump Repair-care,’” Mr. Manchin said. “It really should be, because he’s the only one who can fix it. And I’m hoping he does.”

Sen. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana Republican, said lawmakers are already reaching for consensus on health costs, citing efforts to tamp down surprise medical bills and rein in drug prices by forbidding “gag clauses” at the pharmacy counter.



Anonymous said...

Both parties have been using health reform while campaigning as long as they have talked about war on drugs fifty years ago. Same ole same ole.

Anonymous said...

complete bs. thank the dems for mucking this up and screwing us