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Monday, October 08, 2018

Sen. Collins Flooded with Tweets Threatening Death, Violence — Twitter Does Nothing

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) faced a torrent of death threats and abuse on Twitter following her declaration that she would vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and her remarks in defense of the presumption of innocence. So far, Twitter has taken no action, allowing the threats against a sitting Senator to remain on the platform.

Multiple Twitter users said they wished to “punch” Sen. Collins.

At least one tweeter called for her death.

Others simply bombarded Sen. Collins with abuse.

Smelly, smelly GOP c*nt

— Shelly (@shmadge) October 6, 2018

@SenatorCollins is a feckless c*nt who has determined her legacy as a supporter of sexual predators and voted her party of hate over truth and justice. May she rot in hell

— Harlan (@HarlanDG) October 6, 2018

Twitter has been slow to respond to death threats against Republicans in the past, at times taking weeks to remove the threatening content. The platform’s double standards can also be seen in the way it handles complaints of abuse against conservatives and individuals linked to conservatives.

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Anonymous said...

She should have just voted yes instead of looking for glory and it wouldn't have got to this point. She didn't save the day for us conservatives, she was one vote added to all the other votes. She held out to make it look like she is the big deal to enhance her seat at election time. I am glad she voted for the justice, but time for the career people to go home.

Anonymous said...

This old woman just surfaced on FOX patting herself on the back with I, I, I. Make her your hero if you want, but it took many more votes in this team effort. I thought everybody was a winner today, why does she get the trophy?

Anonymous said...

"Ha ha I'm rubber you're glue....whatever you call me....bounces off me and sticks to you...ha ha" A famous quote from Pee Wee Herman!!!! This clearly fits the Dumbocrats that commented.

Anonymous said...

So start arresting People make examples of them

Anonymous said...

I'm can't believe twitter hasn't tried to censor President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones. Now if any choose to follow up on their computer threats - then Lock and Load Susan. Point and squeeze!