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Thursday, October 18, 2018

OPINION: Mueller’s Jig Is Up — But That’s Not Enough

The Mueller witch hunt is effectively over — not because Mr. Mueller had not planned to drag this out until he could concoct a crime against Mr. Trump or a member of his family but rather because the jig is up.

Have you noticed how long it has been since anyone even suggested that the president sit down with the “special counsel” for an interview?

Mueller’s raison d’etre was the outrageous and purposely propagandized prevarication that the Trump campaign and even Mr. Trump himself “colluded” with Russia to rig the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats who perpetrated this fraud are not only masters of projection and deception, but they took their playbook of personal destruction to a whole new level.



Anonymous said...

Obama. It is the *only* explanation. The electro magnetic rays ! Yes, the spectrum. That and the (Chem Trailers) spray spray. Your Mind

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to all of us now that the FBI is an arm of the DNC and cannot be a trusted organization as founded. They must be totally destroyed and replaces with new people entirely.

There is no question this needs to happen.