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Monday, October 22, 2018

AZ Democrat Slams Stay-At-Home Moms: They're Nothing But Leeches

Arizona is trending blue. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) squeaked by in 2012, but he’s opting not to run for re-election due to abysmal approval numbers. It’s now Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally duking it out to replace him. The race has been tight, though the vicious battle over Brett Kavanaugh and his Supreme Court nomination seems to have generated a surge of support for McSally who is leading by a solid six-points. It could be an outlier, but the bad news hitting the Sinema campaign has been pervasive in the final weeks. She stretched the truth about her upbringing, she called Arizona the crazy state, she said it was a meth lab of Democracy; she tried to summon witches to protest the Iraq War. It’s a mess. Now, she’s going after stay-at-home moms for “leeching off their husbands.” Bre Payton at The Federalist has more:



Anonymous said...

But she supports this caravan of illegals and illegals in the US now and sanctuary cities. These are the leeches. Stay at home MOMs keeps the Family together and teaches values that these Democrats proves they don't have.

Anonymous said...

She's all over the road, not a good pick to lead anything.

lmclain said...


LEECHING off their husbands???

She just lost a WHOLE LOT of voters, male and female.

They are hateful kooks.

VOTE. And keep every gun you have loaded and right beside you.
These people would criticize Trump even if he cured cancer.