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Monday, October 22, 2018

Gallup Confuses Terms in Poll Showing High Opposition to Assault Weapons Ban

57% still oppose new ban on AR-15s despite Gallup’s mixed use of terms

A new poll shows opposition to a ban on so-called assault weapons is near an all-time high despite the confused terminology it used.

The Gallup poll of 1,019 adults, conducted between October 1 and 10, found 57 percent of respondents opposed to banning semiautomatic guns that a number of states define as "assault weapons." Opposition to such a ban increased by 6 points since Gallup last asked about it a year ago. Forty percent said they support a ban.

The numbers are nearly the exact opposite from when Gallup first asked the question in 1996 when 57 percent indicated support while 42 percent indicated opposition. Opposition to a ban was at its highest in 2016 when 61 percent said they opposed it and 36 percent said they supported it.

The partisan divide is prevalent in the results with 56 percent of Democrats supporting a ban, support from independents at 38 percent, and only 25 percent of Republicans. There was also a clear divide between gun owners and nonowners. Forty-six percent of households without firearms support a ban while only 33 percent of those with a gun do.



Anonymous said...

Did Norm Conway and Jim Mathias write this confusing legislation? Reminds me of the school board legislation the Norm and Jim specifically wrote to confuse everyone

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was special wasn't it? It's time for Real Change in Maryland. Vote Red for America and Maryland..!

Anonymous said...

You can get any poll results you want by how you word the questions and who you ask. Fake news. Just like the polls that showed hildabeast was gonna win.