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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Rick Gates Testifies He Committed Crimes With Paul Manafort

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Rick Gates was just an intern when he first crossed paths with Paul Manafort.

Years later Mr. Gates went to work for him, rising to become right hand man to Mr. Manafort, once a powerful force in Republican politics who more recently had turned his sights to lucrative opportunities abroad.

On Monday, Mr. Gates was Mr. Manafort’s ultimate nemesis, the prosecution’s star witness in Mr. Manafort’s trial on tax and bank fraud charges stemming from work they did together for pro-Russia political forces in Ukraine.

At a time when the investigation into President Trump and Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign has left Washington in a state of constant drama, it was a moment of particular pathos. There was the protégé, having turned against his mentor and agreed to a plea deal, starting to give his account of how the two of them laundered their income. A few feet away was his former boss, flanked by five lawyers waiting to shred Mr. Gates’s character.



Anonymous said...

No Surprise !!!

Anonymous said...

WITH Manafort? How we know that an admitted law breaker is telling the truth? We don't even know whether he might be a paid sibling of Hillary or the (DNC owned) FBI.

Anonymous said...

Got my popcorn...

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Russia collusion? 140 million dollar tax payer funded investigation for a special prosecutor, for what?