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Monday, August 27, 2018

Police: Children Fabricate Story of White Man Urinating on Black Girl

A group of young children fabricated the story of a white man in Michigan accused of urinating on and verbally abusing a five-year-old black girl with racial slurs, police said.

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday they would be dropping charges against a 60-year-old Grand Rapids man accused of the crime when they discovered the children, who were seven-years-old or younger, had made up the tale.

Parents of the children told prosecutors their children “concocted the story to avoid trouble,” prosecutors said.

“We appreciate the conscientiousness of the parents in bringing the matter to the attention of the police, and continuing to ask their children questions as new evidence was obtained,” prosecutors said.



Anonymous said...

What about the woman I saw on TV when being interviewed by the reporter said she "smelled like urine" and it covered the entire front of the little girl's shirt?
It was all over the BS TV networks.

Anonymous said...

Since when do we believe 2 7 year olds over a 60 year old man?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?????????? Cops don't even investigate so how would they know if it was a lie or not?

Anonymous said...

SPD Investigation ? Lol

Anonymous said...

Arrest the PARENTS.

Anonymous said...

ARRESTING people without PROOF ARREST the cop and DA.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing 1:10,