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Friday, August 10, 2018

North Carolina police chief worked a second job at a trucking company while ON duty

A North Carolina police chief and one of his senior officers have been charged with working second jobs for a trucking company while on duty - leading to the entire department being placed on paid leave.

Southport Police Chief Gary Lee Smith, 46, and Lt. Michael Christian Simmons, 48, 'repeatedly' deserted their posts on duty, and would occasionally leave their county or even cross state lines, according to an indictment filed on Monday.

They were charged with felony conspiracy to obtain property under false pretenses, misdemeanor willfully failing to discharge duties, and misdemeanor obstruction of justice. Smith received a second count of the first charge on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

M Lewis does this while in florida while hanging out.

Anonymous said...

George " teeth Nelson has been double dipping for 28 years.

Anonymous said...

"Double-dipping" refers to multiple government jobs, or government pensions. This guy had a government job and a private sector job. Not double dipping from anyone.

Anonymous said...

They were just trying to help out with the nationwide driver shortage in the trucking industry. Moral of the story: Don't hire people with CDL licenses, if you don't want them driving trucks.