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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Media darling: Omarosa gets 'astonishing' avalanche of broadcast coverage

The major broadcasters have been Omarosa-centric in the past 72 hours, according to a new study released Monday.

Beginning with Friday’s evening newscasts and continuing through Monday morning news shows, the “Big Three” networks — NBC, ABC, and CBS — provided an “astonishing 93 minutes of air time” to promoting former Trump White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman and her new tell-all book about the Trump administration.

“While hosts and correspondents repeatedly acknowledged the ‘Apprentice’ star’s major credibility problems, that didn’t stop them from providing the avalanche of coverage,” wrote Kyle Drennan, an analyst for, a conservative press watchdog.

NBC led the way with 57 minutes of coverage, followed by ABC with 28 minutes and CBS with a mere 7 minutes.



Anonymous said...

She's on the short bus to the perp-walk!

Anonymous said...

Nothing 'astonishing' here. The media will take every opportunity to bash the Trump administration. They are no longer news outlets but rather liberal PACs.

Anonymous said...

Her book still won’t come close to a top seller. She’s sold her soul for book sales

Anonymous said...

How bout some jail time? She reneged on her confidentiality agreement and also taped a meeting in the situation room! Outrageous and she should be made an example of what happens to disgruntled employees.

Anonymous said...

saw this train wreck coming from miles away. kinda makes me wonder why trump even kept her around?