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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hurt: The Soviet Union had Pravda, America has Facebook

So, apparently, Facebook has morphed from a social media giant into a major news gathering and publishing house. First order of business: Shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Good luck with that, Zuckerpeople.

Guess that means that all the rest of the millions and millions of crazy posts that remain on Facebook have been vetted, verified and endorsed by company executives.

Hello, slippery slope.

Life is so much easier just sticking with the First Amendment and declaring free speech as the great antiseptic of society. Better than sunlight.

Anybody is free to step out onto the street corner and say the craziest, most vile and offensive things they want. The civilized world either ignores the blithering madman or takes note and carries on.

Eventually, the madman grows tired or loses his voice or simply goes home, grievances aired.


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